Network members

MŌRI Yoshitaka, Professor, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. Main research areas are sociology, media studies, cultural studies and contemporary art.

Anemone PLATZ, Associate Professor in Japan Studies, School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University. Read more.

Gunhild BORGGREEN, Associate Professor in Art History and Visual Culture at Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen. Research area: Japanese contemporary art, rural art festivals, and how to engage elderly people in contemporary art. Read more.

Charlotte Bagger BRANDT is an independent Danish curator, mediator and artistic counselor. In 2008 Bagger Brandt initiated Råderum – office for contemporary art, which aims at shaping new constellations and develop new formats within the contemporary art scene. The office works with art at every level: Exhibitions, lectures, consultancy, research, analysis, and publications. Read more on

Andreas Lenander ÆGIDIUS is currently a research assistant at the University of Southern Denmark. He holds a PhD in Media Studies. His research focuses the cultures and the software related to online music practices, for example: how does online digital music software such as music streaming services support community building for groups of listeners, musicians, and distributors? Read more on Linked-in.

Ekaterina SKOROKHODOVA is an independent curator and researcher. She is currently undertaking doctoral candidature in art history at Paris Nanterre University. She is also a part-time student in seminar-based professional program Curating at Aarhus University. Previously Ekaterina was graduated with MA in Regional studies and MBA in Art Management. She is interested in intersection of politics and contemporary art.

Ruth CHRISTENSEN has a MA degree in Art History as well as a BA degree in Italian and Individual Supplementary Programme from Aarhus University. She is highly experienced in the concept development, planning and realization of projects within the field of Art, Culture and Education. Her professional focus includes audience engagement and development and the facilitation of interdisciplinary interactions and collaborations concerning the production of art exhibitions, education programs and cultural activities, which support the audience’ experiences, reflections and dialogues about the various potentials and properties of art and culture. Based on her MA thesis she published the following article in RIHA Journal in 2017: Mark Rothko: Art as an Experience.
Read more and connect on Linked-in.

Ai KANO is completing a Ph.D. degree in Creativity of Arts and the Environment from Tokyo University of the Arts. She has researched on art activism and socially engaged art as well as cultural restrictions within them where conflicts has happened. She is currently focusing on gender issues such as sexual allegations in Danish and Japanese Art Worlds. Read more.

Jacob KREUTZFELDT is a cultural consultant and researcher, PhD in Modern Culture and Communication from University of Copenhagen and Head of Struer Tracks – Urban Sound Art Festival. Kreutzfeldt is member of the board of JSPS Alumni Club DK. Read more on linked-in.

Mai CORLIN has a PhD degree in China Studies from Aarhus University, Denmark, where she wrote her PhD project entitled “Trojan Horses in the Chinese Countryside – The Bishan Commune and the Practice of Socially Engaged Art in Rural China”. Currently, she is teaching Chinese literature and visual culture at China Studies, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen. Read more on Linked-in or Mai’s blog.

Liliana MORAIS is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Tokyo Metropolitan University. She works with topics related to arts and material culture through the lens of migration and transnationalism. She has curated the exhibition “From Japan to Brazil: the journey of Oriental Ceramics” in Salvador, Brazil.

Cathrine RASMUSSEN has an MA in Art History from University of Copenhagen. She is a freelance art writer and mediator who specialize in contemporary art.  She is currently focusing on mediating art in public spaces. Read more and contact via Linked-in or listen in on her latest project about local graffiti art and culture in her home town (in danish): Næstved Kunstby Podcast

Katherine MEZUR is a freelance dance, theatre, and performance studies scholar, dramaturg, choreographer and director. Mezur holds a PhD in Theatre and Dance from the University of Hawai’i Manoa. Her research and teaching focuses on transnational East Asian performance practices, histories, and theories.

Emil Bach SØRENSEN, MA in Visual Culture from University of Copenhagen. Emil is independent curator and works with art, media technology and philosophy. Emil coordinates a cross-disciplinary research network with focus on Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

Rikke LUTHER is a Ph.D. scholar affiliated with Departments of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, the Royale Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and ACT (Art, Culture and Technology) at MIT. Rikke’s work occupies the hinterland between the fields of landscape, architecture, speech, politics, economy, biology, drawing and education. Read more.

Hannah WOOD is an architect and writer based in Copenhagen. Following her master thesis “The Postcrisis Reconstruction Agency” / 災復興機関 at KADK, she contributed to the publication The Illicit and Illegal in Regional and Urban Governance and Development (Routledge, 2017) stemming from joint research in Ishinomaki, Japan. Read more and connect on Linked-in.

Mette HØJSGAARD, PhD in art history and currently Postdoc scholar at University of Copenhagen in cooperation with Esbjerg Art Museum. Research on the social impact of postwar and contemporary public art in Denmark. A special focus is the so-called “concrete art” and its cognitive properties.

Yeung Tin Shui, Tokyo University of the Arts. Research interest in the criticality of Japanese Art Project. Will be at the Hong Kong House at the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in 2018 to be part of a team investigating what it means to be antagonistic in an Art Project.

Eimi TAGORE-ERWIN holds an MA in Visual Culture from Lund University and was a visiting scholar in the Asian Studies Program at University of Hawai’i in 2018. Her research focus includes socially-engaged art practice, community-building, audience engagement, and the art tourism industry in Japan. Read more.

Nicole KOVACS has a MA in theatre practices from University of  Glasgow, where her research focus on solo performance and kabuki-ism (re-interpreting aesthetics of Japan’s Kabuki theatre.) From October 2018 she will begin a Ph.D project at University of Glasgow. Read more.

Dr. Georg Albrecht MAI is an art hististorian and a freelance curator working with young Japanese artists. He has been involved with Japanese artists since 2008, and is now organising his eigth exhibition, which will take place in Tokyo (Meguro) in May 2018.

Christine BJERKE is an architect from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, and The Barlett School of Architecture, University College of London. Her current research focuses on the FX Beauties in Japan, primarily housewives who trade with foreign exchange. Read more.

Nina Marie POULSEN has a MA degree in Visual Culture from University of Copenhagen with a thesis on the queer performative possibilities in the sculptures from Kusama Yayoi’s Accumulation series. Holding a BA in Comparative Literature from University of Copenhagen and Humboldt University in Berlin, Nina has previously worked extensively with art books and publishing. Contact via Linked-in

Annette Thorsen VILSLEV, Postdoc Fellow, Waseda University, Japan. She has a PhD degree and an Mag.Art. degree in Comparative Literature from University of Copenhagen. Research area: Modern and Contemporary literature in Japan and Europe, theories of World literature. Contact via Linked-in

Nadia NAZARBAEVA is an MA student in Visual Culture at Lund University, and she also works at Sabsay Gallery in Copenhagen. She has six years of experience in the field of cultural project management and communications (Russias, Sweden, Denmark). Nadia’s primary focus is audience development and participatory art as a form of it. Currently she is working on my MA thesis centred on audience engagement and museum critique. Contact via Linked-in and Facebook.