CCCA Workshop No. 4, Møn, 14-18 August 2019

Art in Rural Communities

The fourth CCCA workshop will focus on art in rural communities. There are many similarities between the conditions of rural communities in Denmark and Japan: demographic changes mean that populations in rural areas are shrinking in numbers and become older in age distribution. Workplaces, shops, and institutions close down, houses are abandoned, and cultural activities thin out. On the CCCA workshop, we will discus the conditions for art and creative industries outside the urban centres. We will look at how art can contribute in sustaining local communities. For this purpose, the workshop will take place on the island of Møn in the southeast part of Denmark. We will meet various artists who live and work on Møn, learn from their experience and insights, and participate in artistic workshops as a means to interact in creative encounters.

Many artists move to Møn, and this trends has created a unique cultural environment on the island. Why is Møn so attractive for artists? Are there similar artist environments in other rural areas? Do newcomer artists engage with the local population, and if so, how? Can art bring other types of dynamics and energy to local communities?

The CCCA workshop will be based at Solbakken, a former school camp facility in the eastern part of Møn. All participants can stay overnight for the entire workshop. Meals and transport related to the workshop will be free for participants. We will have sessions with presentations in the house, as well as field trips to various art communities and events on Møn. We will meet artists of different generations for talks and discussions, and we will join in the project bøN Odori, a workshop-based danse project about geography, geology, history and mythologies. We will also enjoy the natural surroundings of Møn, and taste local food and drink.

The CCCA workshop is organised by partners of the CCCA network:
Associate Professor Gunhild Borggreen (University of Copenhagen)
Professor Yoshitaka Mōri (Tokyo University of the Arts)
Associate Professor Anemone Platz (Aarhus University)

Tentative program:
(See here for detailed program, version no. 7)

August 14 (Wednesday):

  • Morning: Individual transport to Møn.
  • Noon: Meet in Hårbølle to participate in workshop about art and community organised by artist group På den anden side and bøN Odori project (Toshie Takeuchi and Jō Odoru).
  • Evening: Bus transport to Solbakken, dinner, stay overnight

August 15 (Thursday):

  • Morning: Session 1 at Solbakken, including presentations by Nana Francisca Schottländer, Mette Højsgaard, and Kristina Ask and Patricia Soza Galmez from Fabrikat.
  • Afternoon: Bus transport to visit Fabrikat at the Sugar Factory and other art related sites in Stege, including presentation by Cathrine Rasmussen.
  • Evening: Bus transport to Solbakken. Dinner. Evening walk and “dark sky” experience.

August 16 (Friday):

  • Morning: Session 2 at Solbakken, presentations by Yoshitaka Mōri, Gregory Miller, Karen Ejersbo.
  • Afternoon: Bus transport to visit Kunsthal44Møn, and hear about avantgarde artists who moved to Møn in the 1970s. See exhibition with Japanese sound artist Akio Suzuki, meet artist Ursula Reuter Christiansen.
  • Evening: Bus transport to Saftstationen in Damme, dinner and conversations.

August 17 (Saturday):

  • Morning: Session 3 at Solbakken, presentations by Lene Noer, Sidsel Nelund and Anemone Platz.
  • Afternoon: Bus transport to Stege and join the final workshop and public dance event with bøN Odori project.
  • Evening: Bus transport to Solbakken. Summary of workshop. Good-bye dinner.

August 18 (Sunday):August 18 (Sunday):

  • Morning: packing and cleaning, bus transport to Copenhagen or Vordingborg station.

Practical information:

Address: Solbakken, Stendyssevej 19, 4791 Borre.

Up to 15 workshop participants can stay overnight at Solbakken for a fee of 600 DKK (for all four nights). There are some beds, the rest will be on madresses on the floor. Bring your own sheets. Also bring your own towel.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is free.
Transport for workshop events is free.

You are also welcome to join the workshop and meals if you are not staying overnight at Solbakken. In that case, you will have to organise accommodation and transport on your own. And you still need to sign up for the workshop.

For more information: Gunhild Borggreen,

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